NAS- Air Charters and Medical Evacuations

Namibian Aviation Services CC has a Professional Approach making it a Leading SADC Business Aviation Company, with its Headquarters in Windhoek, Namibia. We are a Fast -Rising Dynamic Company Driven by a Caliber of Integrity and Reliability with its Focus being Air Charters and Medical Evacuations (Medivacs). 


Our Aim is to Become Africa’s First Choice for Medical Evacuations, by giving those in need a Fighting Chance Through Flight, whilst unfailingly ensuring our Exceptional Standard of Service Daily.


At  NAS, we operate under the most stringent safety standards, far exceeding industry requirements. Not only does NAS meet the Namibian Civil Aviation standard but we also operates in accordance with the international standards set by BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard)

What do these stringent safety standard mean in real terms for our passengers?

When you board a NAS flight, you can be assured that all of the following procedures have been followed:

Our Turbo Jet aircraft are operated in accordance with FAR Part 25 certification standards. FAR 25 standards means that in the event of an engine failure the aircraft can maintain a climb gradient and fly over obstacles thus the aircraft can climb to the safe altitude and continue to its destination or land at an alternative airport where emergency assists is available.

All of our flight personnel are trained biannually in cabin safety, medical treatment, dangerous goods handling, and security and people skills.

All NAS captains hold an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and are type-rated in their respective aircraft PPL.