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The Sky is the Beginning, Live your Dream.

We've trained over thousands of Pilots at WFTC, with a proven Track record in supplying Pilots to the Aviation market.
This prepares you for the environment you will be working in. Companies prefer to recruit Pilots trained with glass cockpit aircraft.
Our New RedBird Simulator, gives you access to the latest technology. WFTC's investment in equipment and aircraft keeps us at the leading edge of advance training providers..


16 Years of age to qualify for a Student Pilot License.
26 Points in Grade 12.
Psychometric Evaluation.
Aviation Medical Evaluation.

Private Pilot License

To obtain your Private Pilot License you'll do a minimum of 45 hours of flight training. 25 hour will be with an instructor and 15 hours will be solo (flying alone), plus 5 hours on a flight simulator

the flight school

All instructors at the flight school are fully qualified to Namibia NCAA and SA CAA approved standards. Aircraft are fully maintained to Namibia NCAA requirements and technical standards.

different elements

Initially you will obtain s Student Pilot License (SPL). This requires you to pass an elementary written exam in Air Law ans pass the Private Pilot License Medical. This will allow you to fly solo when you have satisfactorily reached a proficient level in aircraft handling and emergencies as well as take off and landing whilst in the circuit.