Windhoek Flight Training Center

Our Pilot Training program is structured to meet your individual requirements. We offer the following training in the clear skies of Namibia.

Private Pilot Licence | Night Rating | Commercial Pilot Licence | Multi Engine Rating | Instructor Rating | Simulator Training | Helicopter Training

The Flight School:

All instructors at the Flight School are fully qualified to Namibia DCA and SA CAA approved standards. Aircraft are fully maintained to Namibia DCA requirements and technical standards (this is actually more restrictive that the South African maintenance requirements.) 

Time spent at the flight school will be approximately 2 hours per day, but this may increase, depending on various factors. Flying time on instruction is about 1 hour, dual and solo, per day. 

The cost of the course includes a Pilots kit which you'll receive containing three instruction manuals (study material), Pilots Radio Handbook, and certain basic instruments, maps, etc.

License conversion: The School advises that the Namibian license is recognized worldwide. However, you will need to convert it to your home country's requirements. For example, for UK students, the  license would need to be converted to a UK license with the UK authority, but we have been advised that this is easy to do.

We have the airspace and personalised attention from the qualified Air Traffic Controllers." 

The airport has full fire fighting and emergency facilities and the flight school lies 30 metres from the main taxi ways.

WFTC is fully equipped to international standards. Windhoek Airspace has facilities to train on   VOR, DME, ILS for day and night instrument conditions.