Windhoek Flight Training Center

Our Pilot Training program is structured to meet your individual requirements. We offer the following training in the clear skies of Namibia.

Private Pilot Licence | Night Rating | Commercial Pilot Licence | Multi Engine Rating | Instructor Rating | Simulator Training | Helicopter Training

Different Elements:

Initially you will obtain a Student Pilots License (SPL). This requires you to pass an elementary written exam in Air Law and pass the Private Pilots License Medical. This will allow you to fly solo when you have satisfactorily reached a proficient level in aircraft handling and emergencies as well as take off and landing whilst in the circuit.

You will be required to write and pass an exam on Radiotelephony to gain a Restricted Radiotelephony Operators License. 

Additional to this, you will have to write and pass an exam on Meteorology, Navigation (necessary before you do a cross country flights), principles of Flight, Instruments and basic technical with emphases on engine and aircraft performance based on a training aircraft. Ground courses are conducted on the required subjects.  

Finally, you will have to pass a practical general flight test as well as a practical navigation exercise conducted by a Grade ll or Grade l instructor.

Once you have a valid Private Pilot’s License, you will be able to fly, within limits of any ratings held as pilot-in-command (PIC), of an aircraft endorsed on your license and carry passengers, but not for hire or reward.