Windhoek Flight Training Center

Our Pilot Training program is structured to meet your individual requirements. We offer the following training in the clear skies of Namibia.

Private Pilot Licence | Night Rating | Commercial Pilot Licence | Multi Engine Rating | Instructor Rating | Simulator Training | Helicopter Training


You must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for a Student Pilot License. (This means that he or she can receive dual instruction and can go solo.) You must also be medically fit and be able to pass a medical examination by an approved Aviation Medical Examiner.

The medical examination includes chest X-rays, an ECG, vision and hearing tests 

There is no other basic minimum requirement, but you need to be literate in the English Language and be able to understand basic mathematics. The three basic requirements for becoming a good pilot are common sense, good coordination and a willingness to stay within the boundaries of both flight regulations and personal piloting ability.