Windhoek Flight Training Center

Our Pilot Training program is structured to meet your individual requirements. We offer the following training in the clear skies of Namibia.

Private Pilot Licence | Night Rating | Commercial Pilot Licence | Multi Engine Rating | Instructor Rating | Simulator Training | Helicopter Training

Private Pilot License:

The latest South African CAA regulations have lowered to minimum age of learner pilots to 16, so this course is suitable for all people aged 16 years old and upwards.

To obtain your Private Pilot’s License you'll do a minimum of 45 hours of flight training. 25 hours will be with an instructor and 15 hours will be solo (flying alone), plus 5 hours on a flight simulator. 

Of these, 3 hours will be solo cross country flight time.

The School is very popular with learners coming from all over Africa and from overseas as well. The School is based at Eros airport in the town of Windhoek. 

The School has six aircraft and four full time instructors who are fully qualified to Namibian Civil Aviation Authority requirements and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. 

The Private Pilot’s License (PPL) is taken on a Cessna 152 or Jabury J120, but type ratings for other aircraft may be undertaken. (This involves about 5 hours flying time on which ever aircraft is selected, plus familiarization study of that aircraft.) 

 (* Dual instruction means flying under supervision of an instructor.)